For the visitors who wish to explore the island from the sea, you can embark on a sailboat for a daily excursion to Lefkada or the neighboring islands. You can visit Prigiponisia, Scorpios (Aristotle Onassis' island), the island of the poet Aggelos Sikelianos where his house is preserved to this day, and Meganisi with its beautiful inlets. Heading south, it's worth your while to stop at Kalamos and Kastos and explore the fascinating sea caves.

In the inner part of the island and to the east, a hike a few kilometers from the Monastery of the Holy Fathers, will lead you to a forest of unsurpassed beauty, The gorge of Melissa is one of the most popular hikes with wells, bridges and the majesty of the surrounding nature stealing the show. In the south, you should stop at the waterfalls in Nydri and if you are lucky and it is a time of year with abundant water you can take a refreshing dip in the natural pools.