For the traveler who seeks hotels in Lefkada in a tranquil location, Amalia Apartments is exactly what you are looking for. Just 19.3 km from the town of Lefkada, a mere 200 m. from the center of the picturesque mountain village of Exantheia, where at an altitude of 580 m. it is ideally situated to offer epansive views of the Ionian Sea and the beaches of Kathisma and Agios Nikitas which are only 10 minutes away by car. In the village you can find a traditional bakery with a wood burning oven, grocery store, cafes and the well known restaurant "Rahi"

Larger markets with a bigger variety of items, in addition to Car and motorcycle rentals can be found in the popular and beautiful beach town of Agios Nikitas, 10.6 km away, as well as Karya, a 10 minute drive away, which boasts a beautiful town square where you can enjoy your coffee under the shade of the elms.

And since the village of Exantheia and Amalia Apartments are essentially located in the middle of the island, there are many excursions and activities you can enjoy in every direction.